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by Kevin Caruso has just been acquired by Kevin Caruso and!

A massive website is in development and will be online soon.

Mr. Caruso is preparing a FREE suicide prevention program specifically for Katrina survivors. will be an extensive non-profit project that will assist Hurricane Katrina survivors in every way possible, both online and offline; will honor those who died because of Katrina; and will educate the public about Katrina.

Most of all, we will fight like hell to improve the treatment of Hurricane Katrina survivors. Our federal government STILL is doing nothing to help them!

(See press release and additional commentary below!)

To all of the survivors of Hurricane Katrina – God bless you. I love you. And I will never stop fighting for you.

You are my heroes!

Hurricane Katrina: Another Wakeup Call to our Federal Government

by Kevin Caruso

Those who died because of Hurricane Katrina are angels.

Those who survived Hurricane Katrina are heroes.

The United States federal government has miserably failed all of the angels and heroes of Hurricane Katrina.

George Bush, Michael Brown, Michael Chertoff, and many other officials who were in charge at the time have blood on their hands for failing to help the survivors.

Too many people died or suffered because these “top” officials, namely the three above, could not even grasp the gravity of the disaster until several days after Katrina made landfall.

Words such as “disgraceful,” “incompetent,” “unbelievable,” “outrageous,” and “inexcusable” do not even begin to describe the saliently inadequate response by the U.S. government.

And the U.S. government is STILL not helping the survivors.

Much of the federal “aid” money is being funneled into inflated, no-bid contracts that are given to politically-connected companies involved in the recovery effort.

Where in the hell is the money for the survivors who lost everything?

Many people lost their houses, their possessions, their jobs, and their loved ones. What is being done for them?

Answer: Nothing!

Why in the hell is the government STILL dragging its feet on helping these heroes?

And why isn’t there a federal response to the mental-health crisis that survivors are confronted with?

The survivors of Hurricane Katrina have essentially been abandoned since Katrina made landfall on August 29, 2005.

We demand answers.

We demand accountability.

We demand action.

And that is where and comes in.

We will be getting up in every official’s face and demanding action.

So this is ANOTHER wake up call to Washington, DC: We are building our command center online – – and we are coming after you. And we will be up in your faces – with protests, letters, the media, political action, and much more.

WE DEMAND ACTION NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is in development and the domain is now under the ownership of Kevin Caruso and

Here is the press release:



SAN DIEGO, Calif. – has just acquired one of the most important disaster domain names ever registered –

“We finally brought home to And that is where this powerful domain belongs,” said Kevin Caruso, the founder and director of “I am now working virtually nonstop to develop it and to expand my base of contacts and advisors.”

Five prominent Hurricane Katrina domains, including and, were donated to Kevin Caruso and shortly after the hurricane made landfall in August of 2005; the previous owner of the domains was served with an injunction and lawsuit by the attorney general of Florida because of alleged fraudulent use of the domains. was established as a website, and URL forwards were placed on the other four domains. The domains had strong type-in value unto themselves, and the controversy concerning the usage of the five domains by the previous owner added more traffic. Caruso also worked diligently to get the word out about the site. Ultimately, traffic from all sources allowed Caruso to raise a substantial amount of money for Hurricane Katrina relief, and, most importantly, to help Katrina survivors. is still online and is still used to assist survivors; but will soon be replaced by

Caruso has worked diligently from the day that Katrina made landfall to assist Katrina survivors, both online and offline, and these five domains provided an important vehicle to disseminate and exchange information as well as coordinate various efforts to help the survivors.

“I was just waiting for the right time to acquire I knew I would need it for the next phase of our work,” said Caruso. “We are now ready to move; and the situation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast remains urgent. So the domain is invaluable.”

“The great people of Mississippi also need extensive help,” Caruso continued. “Most people do not realize how hard Katrina hit Mississippi, particularly the coast – the destruction was significantly worse than that caused by Hurricane Camille, a devastating category 5 hurricane that struck the region in 1969. Katrina ripped building after building from their foundations and leveled them, destroying much of the coastal region of the state.”

Caruso, who is also the founder, director, and editor-in-chief of, is preparing a suicide prevention program and a suicide prevention guide specifically written for Katrina survivors. The program and guide will be free.

“The suicide rate has risen dramatically for people in affected areas post-Katrina, so suicide prevention needs to be a priority,” lamented Caruso.

Caruso also plans on establishing an advisory board to get as much input as possible from key people, and to help establish ongoing objectives for

And Caruso will have a political action department within to fight at a political level for the rights of survivors.

“Hurricane Katrina survivors have been completely abandoned by our federal government from the day that the hurricane struck,” Caruso said. “And the situation has not gotten better. The federal government is still not lifting a finger for them.”

“Our government has failed the survivors in every way possible,” Caruso continued, “and the political action department of is going to aggressively address this problem.”

Caruso will also be contacting the press on an ongoing basis concerning various issues associated with Katrina.

“There is not enough press coverage about Hurricane Katrina at this point,” Caruso commented. “Overall, the press has done a great job covering Katrina, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. But many of the ongoing important stories are not receiving the attention that they deserve. There simply cannot be too much coverage about Katrina and the survivors – and the emphasis always needs to be placed on the survivors and their needs.”

And lastly, Caruso plans to make the definitive online educational destination for information about the hurricane.

“ will be THE place to learn about Hurricane Katrina,” he said. “And educating the public about the disaster will serve to constantly raise awareness about the ongoing struggles of the heroic survivors, thus leading to more assistance programs for them.”

“Hurricane Katrina survivors are heroes. And we owe them a lot. I have great respect and love for all of them. They are amazing people. And I will fight for them for the rest of my life,” Caruso added emphatically. is still in development. An additional press release will be written when the site goes live.

Please keep the Hurricane Katrina survivors in your thoughts and prayers.


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