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Jason Moody Memorial

Jason Moody and cousin Karri Rossignol
Jason Moody (right) with cousin Karri Rossignol

Jason Moody with his sister Bonnie and dog Dixie
Jason Moody with his sister Bonnie and dog Dixie

Gary, Jason, Bonnie, Barbara, and a friend
From left to right: Gary (father); Jason; Bonnie (sister);
Barbara (mother); and a friend

Remembering an Angel:
Jason Moody

by Kevin Caruso

Jason Moody was a handsome, outgoing, popular, intelligent, funny, giving, and caring high school student with a great family and a bright future.

Jason did, however, have a problem that innumerable high school students struggle with: a moderate case of acne.

So Jason’s parents did what any responsible parents would do in a situation like that – they took Jason to a dermatologist.

Now, keep in mind that Jason had a moderate case of acne, so he should have received a moderate treatment. But the dermatologist irresponsibly prescribed Accutane, which is an extremely strong treatment, with potentially serious side effects, and is known as the “treatment of last resort” for acne.

So, why would the dermatologist prescribe Accutane as the FIRST drug to be used under these circumstances?

Answer: Because the dermatologist is an incompetent and irresponsible idiot. Period. There is NO justification for the prescription.

Accutane has been around since 1982, and numerous documented cases of serious side effects have been reported since then, including birth defects, depression, and suicide.

And because of these potentially serious side effects, many people have been calling for an outright ban on the drug.

But the Moody family was never fully informed about the possible side effects of Accutane, and they would not have allowed Jason to take it if they fully understood the risks.

Jason began taking Accutane on March 29, 2006; and on May 18, 2006, Barbara, Jason’s mom, and Bonnie, Jason’s sister, arrived home to find a suicide note on the kitchen table, written by Jason a few minutes earlier.

Bonnie immediately ran up to Jason’s room and saw the worst sight of her life: Jason’s body covered with blood.

He had shot himself in the face with a shotgun.

There was blood everywhere, including on the walls.

Bonnie started screaming, and Barbara quickly called 911.

Jason was actually still alive, but just barely. He was rushed to a local hospital and then air lifted to a second hospital.

Jason valiantly clung to life, but the inevitable occurred on May 29, 2006, when he passed away.

The doctors asked the Moody family if they wanted to donate Jason’s organs, and without hesitation, they said yes. They knew that Jason would have wanted to save others with his organs.

And save others is exactly what happened. Jason Moody saved four people’s lives because of the organ donation.

Jason was a very giving person, and he kept on giving even after he passed away.

Jason and the Moody family are heroes for what they did.

Jason was 17 when he went to Heaven.

He loved life and enjoyed many activities, including running, playing tennis, reading, hiking, camping, and playing video games.

Jason was also a member of the prestigious Eagle Scouts, which was an honor that he received after years of demonstrating his strong leadership, service, and outdoor skills.

And he had a great circle of friends who deeply cared about him, including Dwayne (his best friend), Coulter, Jeremy, Grace, Catherine, Lauren, Anthony, Amber, Sarah, Ashley, Katie, and Derrick.

And he had a wonderful family who deeply cared for him and loved him, which included Gary, his father; Barbara, his mother; and Bonnie, his sister.

Bonnie wanted to make the following statement about Jason:

“I want to tell Jason that we miss him and love him very much; and that we wish he was home with us. But we know that he is with God now.”

Jason Moody, Eagle Scout

Jason Moody
Jason Moody

For more information on the dangers of Accutane, please click the link below:

Never use Accutane; it can Kill You: A Critical Report on the Dangers of Accutane

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