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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Dec. 14, 2006) – has just launched, the largest suicide prevention, awareness, and support website on the Internet. thus replaces the previous suicide prevention website,

Kevin Caruso, the founder and director of, will be the executive director and editor-in-chief of

Mr. Caruso has been extremely passionate about suicide prevention for most of his life, has extensive experience in virtually all aspects of suicide, and continues to volunteer much of his time to suicide prevention, awareness, and support.

“Suicide prevention is always extremely important and extremely urgent,” Caruso said. “And we will do everything possible to ensure that suicidal individuals receive the immediate help that they need.”

“We will also fight diligently to support suicide survivors and to educate the public about suicide,” Caruso added. “A very strong stigma is still associated with suicide and that needs to be expunged. The vast majority of people who die by suicide are mentally ill at the time of their suicide. They are not weak; they do not commit a crime; they do not sin; they simply try to end their pain, and their judgment is deeply clouded because of their mental illness.”

Resources on include a free suicide prevention program, a free anti-bullying guide, extensive listings of suicide hotlines, extensive listings of suicide support groups, and innumerable articles.

“There are 750,000 suicide attempts in the United States each year,” said Caruso. “We have a lot of work to do – both online and offline.” will also conduct extensive work offline to assist the suicidal, support suicide survivors, and educate the public about suicide.

Innumerable individuals have been instrumental in the launch of, including several people who have attempted suicide, countless suicide survivors, and many other caring people who are too numerous to mention. But Mr. Caruso mentioned one individual who really went out of his way to help.

“There is one individual who really came through in the most helpful and altruistic ways imaginable, and that person definitely needs to be mentioned; he is Kevin Brown of Seattle, Washington. Mr. Brown is an exceptionally caring and intelligent person who can only be described as a hero. Thank God for great people like Kevin Brown. He is truly one of the finest people on the planet, and he represents what is all about.” is now online and is available for anyone in need, 24 hours a day.


Media Contact:

Kevin Caruso
Founder, Executive Director, Editor-in-Chief

Mr. Caruso may be contacted via the website.



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