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Remembering and Honoring the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103 Launches a Page! Begins Producing Videos

Bryan Woodard Suicide Memorial

Hurricane Katrina Three Years Later: Some Progress, but We Still Have a Long Way to Go Launches a Suicide Survivors Forum - All Suicide Survivors are Welcome!

The Team: Our Officer, Directors, and Advisors Launches a MySpace Page!

A Beautiful Poem by Suicide Survivor Patti Tillotson: Suicide in My Heart

A 12-year-old Suicide Survivor's Beautiful Poem to Her Mom: Because You Are My Mom

A Beautiful Poem by Suicide Survivor Rebecca Fitzsimmons Vaughn: I Had a Brother

The Words I Wish I had said: I Love You Murphy - The Story of my Cousin; how he Killed Himself at age 10; and why I Blamed Myself

I am a Burden: My Daughter Would be Better off Without Me

The Virginia Tech Massacre, One Year Ago Today (Posted April 16, 2008)

Dallas VA Hospital Closes Psychiatric Wing After 4th Suicide

Suicide 'Plan' Results in Murder and Aiding Suicide Charges

University of Wisconsin Student Dies by Suicide from Self-Immolation

Kathleen Beardy Suicide Memorial - Kathleen died by suicide when she was eleven

Suicide is NOT an Act of Weakness; and People who Die by Suicide are Not Weak

Suicide Survivors: Coping with Anger at Your Suicide Angel

Suicide is NOT a Selfish Act - It is an Act of Desperation by Someone in Intense Pain

Pro-suicide Websites in Russia Pushing Teens to Suicide

'Harry Potter' Author J.K. Rowling: 'I Considered Suicide'

'Push-Button' Suicide Machine for Rent by Another 'Dr. Death'

I Hate to be Me: Coping with my Suicidal Feelings after my Mom's Death

FDA Investigating Asthma Drug Singulair for Possible Suicide Link

'Suicide Pact Gone Awry' Leaves One Woman Dead, Two Charged with Murder

LAPD Suicide Rate Declines

Suicide is NOT Self-Murder

My Husband Killed Himself; I Found the Body; but I Tell Everyone he had a Heart Attack

Suicide Survivors: How Stressful is a Suicide?

My Life is Over: My Feelings of Despair After My Son's Suicide

Oregon's Physician-Assisted Suicide Law: 341 Suicides in 10 Years

Ryan Patrick Halligan Suicide Memorial

Tina Marie Phillips Suicide Memorial

A Poem for Tina: "Don't go, please don't leave me here alone"

A Suicidal Police Officer: How I Recovered from my Suicidal Feelings

I Wanted to Kill Myself, but now I am Getting Better (By Jenny, a 16-year-old Rape Survivor)

My Son Killed Himself with My Gun: The Guilt and Pain Overwhelmed Me

'My Heart has been Ripped Out. I Feel Like I Died After the Suicides,' says a Mother After Losing Two Sons to Suicide

Heaven 911: The Words of a 5-Year-Old 911 Survivor (Posted September 11, 2007)

Teen Girls' Suicide Rate Up 76%; Possible Link with Decline in Antidepressant Usage

Hurricane Katrina Two Years Later (Posted August 29, 2007)

Michael John Smich Suicide Memorial

107-Year-Old Woman Dies by Suicide

Brandon Eric Murphy Suicide Memorial

Daniel Glover Suicide Memorial

Andrew Orellana Suicide Memorial

Press Release: Continues Assistance Efforts

The Oklahoma City Bombing, 12 Years Ago Today (Posted April 19, 2007)

Never use Accutane; it can Kill You: A Critical Report on the Dangers of Accutane

Jason Moody Suicide Memorial

A Prayer for Suicide Angels , Suicide Survivors, and the Suicidal

Suicide Survivors: There is no Closure After a Suicide

Suicide Survivors: The First Year is the Toughest

Suicide Survivors: How the Clergy can Help You or Hurt You

Suicide Survivors: The Importance of Humor

Suicide Survivors: Coping with Finding the Body of Your Loved One After the Suicide

Suicide Survivors: Coping with Rumors and Gossip

Suicide: A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

Deplorable Suicide Commercials are Dumped

Golden Gate Bridge Suicides: Horrible Deaths that are Preventable

Suicide Survivors: Be Careful Who You Tell About the Suicide

Should You Leave a Suicide Note Before You Kill Yourself?

Suicide Survivors: How Owning a Pet can Help Heal After a Suicide

Suicide Survivors: Helping Your Children Cope With the Suicide

I Know Why My Sister is in Heaven: A 10-year-old Suicide Survivor Tells Her Story.

Suicide Survivors are Heroes

Stephen Lee Puckett Suicide Memorial

I Want to Kill Myself: A Suicide Survivor Shares Her Suicidal Feelings and Suicide Attempt

Kevin Caruso Acquires; Prepares Free Suicide Prevention Program for Katrina Survivors

FREE Banner Links Now Available – Help Save Lives!!!

The Tsunami Two Years Later: The Psychological Hell of the Tsunami (Posted December 26, 2006)

Suicide Rate Increases for U.S. Army Personnel Deployed in Iraq

Press Release: Launches

Stop Saying 'Committed Suicide.' Say 'Died by Suicide' instead.

Suicide is NOT a Crime

Rape Survivor Debbie Shaw Needs Our Help!
then please send an e-mail to help keep her EVIL RAPIST in prison.

Debbie Shaw: A Rape Survivor's Story of Hope

Suicidal Teen Who Used a Razor Blade to Self-Mutilate Shares Her Experience

Suicide is NOT a sin

Jennifer Dunn Suicide Memorial

Joshua Melo Memorial - Joshua Melo Suicide - Joshua, 15, Died by Suicide After Being Incessantly Bullied Because Some Cowards Believed That He Was Gay

Suicide Survivor Di Kunkle Celebrates the Life of Jessica Pagenhardt

A Beautiful Poem by Suicide Survivor Randall Benzel

Suicide Note of a Gay Teen

Travis McCuddy Suicide Memorial

Suicide Prevention in the Military

Michael Thomason Suicide Memorial

Suicide Most Likely on Mondays, According to UK Study

Antidepressant Paxil (Seroxat, Paraxetine) Linked to Suicide Attempts in Adults

'I Want to Kill Myself' - A Tsunami Survivor Expresses His Suicidal Feelings

Sri Lanka Taking Steps to Reduce Suicides After the Tsunami

Suicides in the Aftermath of the Tsunami

Update on Angel Lindsay Armstrong: Her Rapist (Her Murderer!) was Released After Only Two Years - Lindsay's Parents Were Not Notified!

Beautiful Actress Shelley Long Attempts Suicide

Angela Herzberg, Wife of Country Singer Gary Allan, Dies by Suicide

Laura Rhodes Suicide Memorial -- Laura, 13, Died by Suicide after Being Bullied Incessantly at School

Concussions Can Lead to Suicide -- Updated Article

Sleep Loss Linked to Teen Suicide

Adam Kavelman Suicide Memorial

Steven Locke Suicide Memorial

Vivian Crane Suicide Memorial -- Vivian, 14, Died by Suicide After Taking the Acne Drug Accutane

Acne Medication Accutane (Roaccutane / Isotretinoin) and Suicide

President Bush Signs Senator Gordon Smith's Youth Suicide Prevention Law

Nine Dead in 'Internet Suicide' in Japan

Suicide Suicide Memorial: Police Officer Todd Michael O'Leary

Underweight Babies and Babies of Teen Mothers Have Raised Suicide Risk

Man Dies by Suicide, Unintentionally Shoots Wife

Paul Racine Suicide Memorial

What You Need to Know if Your Child or Teen May Need Antidepressants

John Stanfield Suicide Memorial

FDA Advisory Recommendation: 'Black Box' Warning (Highest Warning) for Antidepressants Prescribed to Children and Teens

'I Frequently Contemplated Suicide' Says Comedian Jerry Lewis

Antidepressants Raise Suicide Risk in Some Children and Teens, FDA Says

Julie Woodward Suicide Memorial -- Julie, 17, Died by Suicide One Week After Starting Therapy With Zoloft

Many Victims of the Russian School Massacre are Suicidal; One has Died by Suicide

Congress Approves Suicide Prevention Bill

Joann Mitchell Levy, Sixth NYU Student to Die by Suicide in the Past Year

Dean Todd Suicide Memorial -- Dean Todd was a U.S. Army Sergeant Stationed in South Korea When he Died by Suicide

No-Suicide Contracts -- What They are and How You Should Use Them

Hate Against Gays and Lesbians can Lead to Murder and Suicide -- Remembering Matthew Sheppard and John French

World Suicide Prevention Day -- September 10, 2004

U.S. Suicide Prevention Week -- Seprember 5-11, 2004

Hopelessness: A Dangerous Suicide Warning Sign

Alain Massicotte Suicide Memorial

Suicide Survivors: The Importance of Joining a Suicide Survivor Support Group

Gang Rape of Children as Young as 8 in Sudan Leading to Suicide

Women and Girls in Bangladesh Subjected to Violence, Torture, and Rape -- Many Die by Suicide

Suicide Survivors: How to Cope with Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries

More People Die by Suicide than by Homicide

Nasima Akhter, Brutally Raped on Her Way to a Wedding, Died By Suicide After the Judge Blamed Her for the Rape

Man Dies by Suicide After Jumping Off Coronado Bridge in San Diego

Janet Pearsall Haney Suicide Memorial -- Janet Died by Suicide After a Long Battle With Bipolar Disorder

Kristin Cooper Suicide Memorial -- Kristin Died by Suicide After Her Boyfriend Broke up With Her Because She was Raped

What Can You do to Prevent Suicide?

Debra Kawaguchi and Sarah Casey, Both 13, Die by Suicide by Stepping in Front of Train

Rape and Suicide

Lindsay Armstrong Suicide Memorial -- Lindsay Died by Suicide Shortly After Testifying Against The Monster Who Raped Her

Murder-Suicide: Charles Neddo, 15, Shoots Brother David Neddo, 12, Then Self

Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping in Front of Train, Survives Uninjured

What is Involuntary Commitment?

Suicide Bombers are Cowards, Criminals, and Murderers

UK Ministry of Defence Report: Army Recruits More Likely to Die by Suicide than Civilians

National Guardsman David Guindon Dies by Suicide After Returning from Iraq

Judo Star Eleni Ioannou and Boyfriend Giorgos Chrisostomides Attempt Suicide

Fiona Barnes and Michael McComb Die by Suicide

Antidepressant Labels Will Warn of Suicide Risk for Youth

Nathan Delaplane Suicide Memorial

Concussions Can Lead to Suicide

Sheriff's Deputies and Police Officers Forced to Shoot in Self-Defense in Suicide-by-Cop Death

Murder-Suicide: Grandfather Kills Grandson, Then Himself

Nalukie Kaitak, 19, Kills His 15-Month-Old Baby Sister Instead of Himself in Suicide Attempt

Suicide is Not a Choice -- People Who Die by Suicide Do Not Choose to Die

Suicide Survivors: Take it One Day at a Time

NYPD Police Officer Dies by Suicide

Up to Five Suicide Attempts are Occurring Per Day at Holloway Prison in London, England

Detective Sergeant Steve Leach Dies by Suicide

Steven Pendroy Suicide Memorial

Air Force Staff Sgt. Angela Pope Speaks Out Against Suicide in the Military

Luke Tiahrt, Son of Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt, Dies by Suicide

Suicide Survivors: Dealing with Stigma, Ignorance, and Insensitivity

Model Nafisa Joseph, Former Miss India, Dies by Suicide

Suicide Survivors: What To Do If You Feel Suicidal

Suicide Survivors: How to Deal With the Emotional Shock of a Suicide

Suicide Survivors: Coping With the Emotional Pain

Suicide Survivors: The Suicide Was Not Your Fault

Racism and Suicide

Gay and Lesbian Suicide

Jonathan Brandis Suicide Memorial -- Jonathan, a Famous Actor, Died by Suicide After Suffering From Depression

Mom with Postpartum Depression Kills Her Baby Then Dies by Suicide

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicide

Gary Celentani Suicide Memorial -- Gary, a Hero 9/11 Firefighter, Died by Suicide One Year After 9/11

Daniel Stewart Suicide Memorial -- Daniel, a Hero EMT Worker, Died by Suicide Nine Months After Working at Ground Zero

Students Riot in Kerala, India, After Suicide of an Engineering Student who was Unable to Pay Her Government Loan

Suicides by Debt-Ridden Farmers in Kerala, India, Continue

Postpartum Depression and Suicide

Hero Police Officers, Lt. Dave Todd and Sgt. Kevin Pallas, and Hero Firefighter, Capt. Leroy Skarloken, Prevent a Suicide

Third Suicide in Four Months at Centurion High School in Pretoria, South Africa

Let Suicidal People Talk

Patients on Antidepressants Need to be Monitored Very Closely During Their First Month of Treatment

Keith Loehr Suicide Memorial

Jacque Moore, Rape Survivor and Advocate for Rape Victims, Dies by Suicide

Rape Victims Prone to Suicide

Debt Drives Family of Seven to Suicide

James Rogers, 16, Dies by Suicide After Incessant Bullying

Dr. Rachit Gupta Dies by Suicide; Reasons Found in Diary

Suicide is the Leading Cause of Death in Israeli Army

Suicide Rate on the Rise in U.S. Air Force

Tabatha Gayle Anderson Suicide Memorial -- Tabatha Died by Suicide At the Age of 14 After Problems With Drugs and Alcohol

Wendy Throop Sunderlin Suicide Memorial -- Wendy Died by Suicide A Year After She was Raped

Steven Hrabovsky-Kleine Suicide Memorial -- Steven Died by Suicide After He Failed to Take His Bipolar Medication

Parents Struggle to Cope with Daughter's Suicide

U.S. Senator Gordon Smith Introduces Suicide Prevention Bill Named After His Son

Suicide Risk Genes -- Researchers Find Chromosomal Regions Linked to Suicide

New Hampshire Lawmakers Study Teen Suicide Notes in Prevention Effort

Brain Enzyme Linked to Teen Suicide

Suicide on rise in South Africa; New Toll-Free Suicide Hotline Receiving Thousands of Calls

Youth Suicide Rate Declining, Says CDC

12-Year-Old Girl Uses Self-Immolation to Die by Suicide

Nancy Crick, Australian Euthanasia Advocate, Was Cancer Free When She Died by Suicide

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Suicide Awareness Week 2004

Police Suicide Prevention and Awareness

"It's Not That Bad" is the Wrong Thing to Say to Someone Who is Depressed or Suicidal

Depressed Teens Who Binge Drink at High Risk for Suicide

Judith Scruggs Receives Probation for Contributing to 12-Year-Old Son's Suicide

Woman Attempts Suicide by Driving into Train

People With Depression Cannot "Snap Out Of It"

Sean Fitzpatrick, 16, Left Disfigured and Partially Blind after a "Suicide by Cop" Attempt

Suicide by Cop

Hero Police Officers Michael Agati and David Hozempa Prevent a Suicide and Possible Homicides

Husband Leaves Loaded Gun Accessible to Suicidal Wife; She Dies by Suicide

Older Alcoholics Face a Higher Risk for Suicide Than Younger Alcoholics

Australian Doctors Help Reduce Elderly Suicide Rate By Recognizing and Treating Depression

Most People With Schizophrenia Do Not Take Their Medication as Directed; Are at Risk For Suicide

Few People Know What Bipolar Disorder is; Untreated Bipolar Disorder can Cause Suicide

What is the Best Suicide Method?

Study on Bullying Indicates Bullies are "Popular"; Victims Suffer, are at Risk for Suicide

Use of Psychiatric Drugs by Children More Than Doubled in a Decade

Are Antidepressants Safe for Children? Can They Cause Suicide?

After a Suicide Attempt; Risk is Still High for Suicide

Why do Antidepressants Cause Side Effects in Some People and Not in Others?

MRI Scans May Temporarily Relieve Depression; May be Used on People Who are Suicidal

Bullied Children Suffer Behavioral Problems; Are at Risk for Suicide

Brain Images Show Different Therapies for Depression Affect Different Areas of the Brain

Seniors Need to Stay Active to Fight Depression

Vascular Depression in the Elderly; A Suicide Risk

Katie Sabin, 16, Sexually Molested for Years by her Father, Dies by Suicide

Morbid Obesity, Depression, and Suicide

Antidepressants Help Protect Hippocampus, an Important Brain Structure

Study Shows Brain Difference in Those With Treatment-Resistant Depression

Many Pregnant Women Suffer From Depression; Few Get Treatment; A Suicide Risk

Depression Distorts Your Thinking

I Should be Able to Choose Suicide If I Want to, Right?

Don't I Have the Right to Die by Suicide?

Should I Really Call 911 if I am Acutely Suicidal?

Depression Information

How Common is it for High School Students to Consider Suicide?

Suicide Can Never be a Secret

High School Star Quarterback Dies by Suicide

Eating Disorders and Suicide

I Think I Have Depression. What Should I do?

Bullied Teen Attempts Suicide, Left Permanently Brain-Damaged

Christopher Chida, 13, Left Permanently Brain-Damaged After Suicide Attempt

Ray Combs, Game Show Host, Dies by Suicide

People Who Die by Suicide are Not Weak

William Ganns, 18, Dies by Suicide

Self-Injury Among Teens on the Rise; A Suicide Risk

Amber's Story of Self-Injury and a Suicide Pact

Cruel Teacher Who Bullied Students for Years is Finally Put on Leave; Parents are Still Outraged

U.S Department of Health and Human Services Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign

When Will My Depression End?

Spencer Costin, 19, Dies by Suicide; Showed No Warning Signs

Depression and Dietary Supplements

Depression and Vitamins

Amy Walsh, 21, Hit by Several Cars, Dies by Suicide

Joe Rogers, 13, Dies by Suicide in School

Psychiatric Patients and Suicide

Negativity and Suicide

How to Help a Suicidal Person Who Needs Hospitalization

Suicide FAQs

Schizophrenia and Suicide

Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

College Student Suicide

Elderly Suicide

Domestic Violence and Suicide

Bullying and Suicide

Teens in Southern India have the World's Highest Suicide Rates

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